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How to use Capslock?


Capslock works on ANSI keyboards and similar layouts. It literally remaps every keys on the keyboard. Including 10 categories.

Control Planes are defined by combination of four extra left modifiers: ⌘⌥⌃⇧.This image shows the layout of control plane 0.

Category Color Description
Basic Blue Press ⇪ Capslock emit an ⎋ Escape. Hold it enabling the ✱ Hyper Modifier.
Navigation Pink Vim style navigation. Cursor move, text selection, switch desktop/window/tab, mouse move/wheel,etc…
Deletion Brown Maps BNM, to deletion operation to perform fast char/word/line deletion without hand move.
MouseKey Keypad Maps keypad to fully functional mouse
Window Azure Close app/win/tab, Switch app/win/tab/desktop, intergration with win-manager app such as Moom,Slate,Magnet
Application Yellow Shortcuts for launching or switching frequently used applications
Terminal Green Sending high-freq signals (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-D, Ctrl-C) and vim/tmux prefix meta key via ✱
Clipboard Purple Turn numkeys into 10 different text clipboard. ✱⌘n copy and ✱n paste.
Shifter Orange Turn some keys into common code symbols.
Functional Cyan Screenshtots. Fine-grained light/volume control. Take function keys' function back!

1 - Basic

basic functions


Key MapsTo Comment
⇪ Press ⎋ Escape Click Capslock to emit Escape
⇪ Hold ✱ Hyper Hold Capslock to enable Hyper modifier.
✱⎋ ⇪ Capslock Press to enable Capslock, Hold to disable Capslock
✱␣ ⌃␣ Switch input source, +⌘ to emoji

Note that ✱ is implemented as combination of ALL RIGHT MODIFIERS: ⌘⌥⌃⇧. Mainly for compatible & intergration reasons.

Hold ✱ Hyper to enable hyper functionalites. We will assume and omit that in subsequent document.

2 - Navigation

H, J, K, L, U, I, O, P are used as Navigators. Maps to ←↓↑→⇞↖↘⇟ by default. (pink area).
  • H, J, K, L, U, I, O, P are used as Navigators. Maps to ←↓↑→⇞↖↘⇟ by default. (pink area).
  • 9 control planes has already been allocated for navigators.
  • Hold additional ⌘ Command for selection. (like holding ⇧shift in normal), additional ⌥ Option for word/para selection.
  • Hold additional ⇧ Shift for app/win/tab switching. Hold additional ⌃ Control for desktop management .
  • Hold additional ⌥ Option for 🖱️ mouse move. Add ⇧shift to ⏫ accelerate. (U, I, O, P maps to mouse button 1 2 4 5) .
  • ⇧⌥ turns navigator to 🖲️ mouse wheel, and ⇧⌘ is the ⏫ accelerated version . HJKL for wheel, wihle UIOP for reversed.
Feature Move Select WordSel Window Desktop 🖱️ 🖱️⏫ 🖲️ 🖲️⏫
Key\Mod ⌘⌥ ⇧⌥ ⇧⌃ ⇧⌘
H Left word left word left prev tab prev desk ⬅️ ⬅️⏫ ⬅️ ⬅️⏫
J Down line down 3 line down next app focus ⬇️ ⬇️⏫ ⬇️ ⬇️⏫
K Up line up 3 line up prev app expose all ⬆️ ⬆️⏫ ⬆️ ⬆️⏫
L Right word right word right next tab next desk ➡️ ➡️⏫ ➡️ ➡️⏫
U PgUp prev page prev page zoom- fullscreen 🖱️L 🖱️L ➡️ ➡️⏫
I Home line head end2head prev win hide 🖱️R 🖱️R ⬆️ ⬆️⏫
O End line end head2end next win hide all 🖱️B 🖱️B ⬇️ ⬇️⏫
P PgDn next page next page zoom+ Launchpad 🖱️F 🖱️F ⬅️ ⬅️⏫

3 - Deletion

How to perform fast delete?


N M , . are used as Deletor keys. Right below the navigators for fast access (brown area).

N del a word ahead del till line head del the whole line
M del a char ahead del a word ahead move line below
, del a char after del a word after move line above
. del a word after del till line end del the whole line
del file purge file

4 - Mousekey

How to manipulate mouse with keyboard


  • Turn Keypad into a fully funcional 🖱️ mouse.
  • Numbers maps to 8 direction 🖱️ mouse move. Hold ⌥ Option to ⏬ slow down, hold ⌘ Command to ⏫ speed up.
  • Hold additional ⇧ Shift turns to 🖲️ wheel move. Extra ⌥ Option to ⏬ slow down, and extra ⌘ Command to ⏫ speed up.
  • First line maps to wheel move and 0, ., , +, - maps to five mouse buttons.
🖲️⬅️ = 🖲️⬇️ / 🖲️⬆️ * 🖲️➡️
7 🖱️↖️ 8 🖱️⬆️ 9 🖱️↗️ - 🖱️B
4🖱️ ⬅️ 5🖱️ 6 🖱️➡️ + 🖱️F
1🖱️↙️ 2 🖱️⬇️ 3 🖱️↘️
0 🖱️L . 🖱️M 🖱️R

5 - Window Control

How to control window/desktop/tab/application with capslock

Window Control

  • Tab, Q, W, A, s used as window control keys. Focuing on close/switch applications / windows / tabs / desktops. (azure area)
  • Windows management (resize, layout) leaves to external application such as Moom, Magnet, and Slate. Bind ⌃⌥⇧⌘A manually.
next app prev app switch desktop switch tab
Q close app close app Lock Screen Logout
W close tab close all win Display Sleep Sleep
A win app expose all show desktop LaunchPad
S next tab prev tab next win prev win

6 - Application Shortcuts

How to launch application with shortcuts

App Shortcuts

  • E R T Y F G are used as application shortcuts. (yellow area)
  • Popular apps and dev tools are registed to 3 default planes: ✱/⌘/⌥. Assign these shortcuts according to your own needs.
E Safari Finder Mail
R iTerm2 Preview Terminal
T Visual Studio Code Typora Note
Y Siri Karabiner Amphetamine
F Alfred 4 Dash Dictionary
G Intellij IDEA Chrome Calender

7 - Terminal Control

How to send terminal signal and use cli tools with capslock

Terminal Control

D, Z, X, C, V, B are used as terminal control keys. Sending singals and IDE commands. (green area)

D ⌃D Ctrl+D (Send EOF) Define (Force touch)
Z ⌃Z Ctrl+Z (SIGTSTP) F5 (VS Code Debug)
X ⌃R Ctrl+R (IDE Run) ⌃F5 (VS Code Run)
C ⌃CCtrl+C (SIGINT) ⇧F5(VS Code Stop)
V ⌃VCtrl+V (Vim Prefix)
B ⌃BCtrl+B (Tmux Prefix)

8 - Clipboard

How to use Clipboard?


Number keys 1, 2, …, 9, 0 are used as (text) clipboard. Hold ⌘ to copy, and press to paste. (purple area)

1 Paste from clip 1 Copy to clip 1
2 Paste from clip 2 Copy to clip 2
…… …… ……
0 Paste from clip 0 Copy to clip 10

9 - Shifter

Map some characters to others


  • Trivial transformation for misc characters. (orange area)
  • Some special tricks for developers. Such as ;' maps to := or != (⌘)
- _ Zoom Out
= + Zoom In
[ ( { <
] ) } >
; ! :
' = =
/ ⌘/
\ ⌘/

10 - Functional

How to use function with Capslock ?


  • Use F1,…F12 as standard functional keys, while hold ✱ Hyper to turn them back. (cyan area)

  • ⌘Command + F1 / F2 / F3 are used as desktop switcher. Enable shortcuts in system preference first:

    PreferenceKeyboardShortcutsMissionControl → Switch to Desktop 1/2/3

  • If you are using RMBP with Bar, consider changing your bar back to function keys with:

    Karabiner-ElementsFunction KeysUse all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

Key\Mod Comment
~ ⌃⇧⌘4 ⇧⌘4 Area selection screenshot(⌘ to file)
F1 display_brightness_decrement | ⌃1 ⌃1 Brightness Down / Desktop 1
F2 display_brightness_increment | ⌃2 ⌃2 Brightness Up / Desktop 2
F3 ⌃↑ | ⌃3 ⌃3 Expose All / Desktop 3
F4 Launchpad Launchpad
F5 illumination_decrement Keyboard Light Down
F6 illumination_increment Keyboard Light Up
F7 rewind Music Prev
F8 play_or_pause Play / Pause
F9 fastforward Music Next
F10 mute Mute
F11 volume_decrement Volume Down
F12 volume_increment Volume Up
F13 ⌃⇧⌘3 ⇧⌘3 Full Screentshot (⌘ to file)
F14 ⇧⌘5 ⇧⌘6 Screenshot menu (⌘ touchbar snap)
F15 play_or_pause Play / Pause
Insert ⇧⌥ display_brightness_increment Fine-Grained Brightness Up
Delete ⌦ ⇧⌥ display_brightness_decrement Fine-Grained Brightness Down
Home ↖ ⇧⌥ illumination_increment Fine-GrainedKeyboard Light Up
End ↘ ⇧⌥ illumination_decrement Fine-Grained Keyboard Light Down
PgUp ⇞ ⇧⌥ volume_increment Fine-Grained Volume Up
PgDn ⇟ ⇧⌥ volume_decrement Fine-Grained Volume Down