How to use Capslock?


Capslock works on ANSI keyboards and similar layouts. It literally remaps every keys on the keyboard. Including 10 categories.

Control Planes are defined by combination of four extra left modifiers: ⌘⌥⌃⇧.This image shows the layout of control plane 0.

Category Color Description
Basic Blue Press ⇪ Capslock emit an ⎋ Escape. Hold it enabling the ✱ Hyper Modifier.
Navigation Pink Vim style navigation. Cursor move, text selection, switch desktop/window/tab, mouse move/wheel,etc…
Deletion Brown Maps BNM, to deletion operation to perform fast char/word/line deletion without hand move.
MouseKey Keypad Maps keypad to fully functional mouse
Window Azure Close app/win/tab, Switch app/win/tab/desktop, intergration with win-manager app such as Moom,Slate,Magnet
Application Yellow Shortcuts for launching or switching frequently used applications
Terminal Green Sending high-freq signals (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-D, Ctrl-C) and vim/tmux prefix meta key via ✱
Clipboard Purple Turn numkeys into 10 different text clipboard. ✱⌘n copy and ✱n paste.
Shifter Orange Turn some keys into common code symbols.
Functional Cyan Screenshtots. Fine-grained light/volume control. Take function keys' function back!


basic functions


H, J, K, L, U, I, O, P are used as Navigators. Maps to ←↓↑→⇞↖↘⇟ by default. (pink area).


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Window Control

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Terminal Control

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How to use Clipboard?


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