Frequently Asked questions about Capslock

Q: Why using ✱ as the symbol for Hyper?

A: Because the ASCII code for * is exactly 42, which is the ultimate answer to life, universe, and everything. ✱ (Heavy-Asterisk) is a pretty version of *.

Q: What’s new in V3?

A: The original v2 only use 1 ~ 3 control planes. While v3 uses up to 9 control planes. A large number of functions have been added to make the additional modifier ⌘⌥⌃⇧ functioning in a reasonable way.

Q: Is there any incompatible changes in V3 compare to V2 ?

A: There are three minor incompatible changes:

  • F13/F4 from music prev/next to screenshot;

  • Number keys are used as clipboard instead of shifter

  • ⌘D now perform define(force touch) instead of opening dictionary app.

Q: Why is there no Linux OS support?

A: I’m using Linux through MacOS terminal. It actually feels much better than raw Linux 😆.

Q: Why windows version no longer maintained?

A: I haven’t used Windows for a long time except for gaming.

Q: Why is there an older version in MacOS?

A: There was an older version of Karabiner that used XML config. Apple modified it’s kernel architecture in MacOS Sierra (10.12) and many programs had to be overhauled. So then there was a new version of Karabiner, the Karabiner-Elements, which is still in use today.

Q: How can I customize it to my needs?

A: Just change the configuration file. Don’t forget click the ‘star’ 🤩.

Q: Is this original?

A: I’m the first one to make a capslock overhaul schema as far as I know. The original win AHK version was wrote in 2013. The first mac version was wrote in 2015. It is the first capslock emulation schema in karabiner’s gallary.

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